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How To Track Down Lost Android Android Using Device Manager.

How To Track Down Lost Android Android Using Device Manager.

How To Track Down Lost Android Android Using Device Manager. Android gadget you lost? Eits.. Do not panic just yet. maybe you lupamenaruhnya. Kind of gadget android phone is often disappeared somewhere where, of course, there are some factors that menyebabkanya. maybe you forget, in pickpocketing people, or stolen by people who do not take answered. Because the phone does have a kind of gadget appeal its own for those " long -armed ". But if you experience it, you do not have to panic. There is a way to really create gadged you find that it's gone off somewhere with the help of Android Device Manager. But it only supports Android devices version 2.2 and above.

How to use the Android Device Manager is relatively very simple and easy, you only need a few things to make sure the tool This can work well. And over again it simply, you do not need to install any application to be menggiunakanya. you need is a connection to the internet and GPS on Android devices you and the equipment that is used as a tracer. you can using a laptop, tablet PC or other smartphone. It can done only with the help of an internet connection and a browser, ie internet explorer application like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or else.. Well here are the steps.

1. Make sure you sign in to a Google account ( gmail ) on smartphones Your Android. If you have not signed in or do not have a Google account, you can sign up directly via your Android device. case This becomes very important for the users of Android devices, because it is not only useful to be able to track it if it occurs later case of loss, but also to be able to enjoy all the service of Google on your Android device.

2. On the device that will be used to track Android gadget you, in the example, I am using a PC or laptop. then please open the browser and open the pageĀ

3. If it is open, make sure you are logged into your Google account ( gmail ) with the same Google account that you use on the gadget Your Android is missing. Then Android Device Manager will ask for permission to be able to track Android devices you are. Choose Accept.

4. If it is, consider the box under the words " Android Device Manager ". If you enter the same account with a Google account Google that you use on your android device, it will detected what device you use. If you have more than one device, please click the section indicated by the arrow down. Later the list will appear beberaa you are. Choose the name of the device you want to track before. and will appear a description of the location of these devices.

5.Nah.. It is the last location where your device can tracked by Google. You still can find your device even if you did not get to turn on the GPS feature on your device before your device is lost. But its accuracy will be less and so far, yaitui accuracy level 1000 feet which means so badly that it can not ensure the device lokasin your android correctly. Please double click on the map to be enlarge the image. You can also update the location information last your device by pressing the " refresh ".



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